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Latency Ain't All That Bad...

The "Gotta Have Its" and the "Nows" need to chill out. There's something to be said about latency, the wait. Latency has such a negative connotation these days, but you know, sometimes we all need a little time for things to settle in, before we make up our mind, or have a tizzy fit about some technological slow down. This goes for everything, art, technology, relationships, nature, politics...ugh...don't get me started on politics.

The next time you freak out about how long you have to wait for a web page to load on their computer/cell phone think about it. It goes to a tower, to outer space, back to another tower, to a mainframe that then goes back to a tower, to outer space, to another tower then to you! The next time you get upset that your plane is delayed an hour or two, think about what it took for people to travel across n this country of ours on a covered wagon, going 3 miles an hour for 6 months and may or may not make it alive! The next time you hear a song or an album and after 20 seconds you've skipped on to something else, or a movie something like Stanley Kubrick made, or a book like Ulysses by James Joyce that would be panned immediately and then hailed later as a master piece. Remember all things are not made and should not be made for instant love and likability.

You gotta let these things breath and give sometime for it to sink inside you and stir around for a while. You may not know how happy you could let yourself be if you just gave it some time.

No...this was not inspired by anything personal, but merely observational, which I sometimes get lost in when while calming my own mind down or just having a real good bowel movement. I've saved the world many a time during it.

*laughing and couching*