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Set the Canons Ablaze!

The Los Feliz EP is finished! I just posted the latest and final song "Cul-De-Sac" up in the webland for consumption..."magic brownie" consumption! *laughing* I don't know what happened but my mind must have had a "in-the-desert-magic-brownie-flashback"! I was not right in the head when I wrote and recorded this...but then I rarely am these days.


Yes....a sigh. A sense of relief and trepidation of finalizing a work and also to begin to start the train of exposition, distribution, and the masochistic desire of opinion and criticism. I've been up all day and night yesterday, up early this morning and by this afternoon I feel a little delirious... *staring at my hand for a few minutes before I realize I have been staring at my hand for a few minutes*'s time for a comfy couch, a fan blowing on my face, a mindless movie, and a snack of some sort....Damn! I forgot about food. I don't have any. It's a hard Or the couch?

Here's the link for the new song if you are so inclined. It will be temporarily available for download, then you'll just have to wait for the official release sometime in the next 7 weeks.

Off to the store....