The Black Forest

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Zombies and Stains...

I love zombies..."Night of the Living Dead", "The Serpent and the Rainbow", Robert Rodriguez's "Planet Terror", to Zora Neale Hurston's "Tell My Horse", and now out... "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies"! I wanna see that book made into a movie! I even love the 60's band The know the song..."Time of the Season". Do I love them as much as Rob Zombie? No. There is a limit...and that limit one zombie flick a year. But when it comes it's awesome!

I think I like zombies because it feels good to battle death...stopping those bastards in their tracks. Yea they keep coming...but we keep battling. Nothing like a good struggle. To quote Nikos Kazantzakis... "It is in man's struggle that we find salvation." It's not one of his more famous quotes, but I think it was his most important. I personally don't believe in death, but nor do I subscribe to the belief of Heaven and Hell. Our mortality, or rather ending our life as we know it, is our biggest fear, the unknown. Truly. I think "change" is a better word than death. We will no longer be as we once were...but is that so bad? Accepting our nature, and Nature is like the idea of someone holding your arms so you cannot move. You can perceive that you are being held against your will and it is a sort of Hell, or you can believe someone is giving you a hug and you could just stand there and be held forever in Heaven. Perception. I know I shouldn't use those words Heaven/Hell since I don't believe in them in the religious sense...but being raised Roman Catholic, one gets stained from their upbringing and religion. Especially something so ritualistic, visual and sensual as Catholicism. All those candles, incense, images, blood, and pent-up sexuality. Nothing will remove that stain until I'm gone, different beliefs and philosophical/moral conflicts will not wash it away.

I was talking about zombies wasn't I?