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Patronage is a fine tradition. A way that has helped many artists continue to do their art. Truthfully, I will do my art no matter what. I will never stop. It calls to mind a poem Charles Bukowski wrote called "Roll the Dice". The gist of it is to never give up, never stop no matter what. No matter if you lose everything and everyone....even risk jail. You should read it for yourself. I read it again from time to time. The book you'll find it in is "What Matters Most Is How Well You Walk Through the Fire". (1999) It comforts me and fires me. 

All that being said, Charles or I wouldn't turn down someone respectfully buying us a drink or a hot meal. It's gratefully appreciated. Grateful is the key word. Everyday I wake up thankful that I earn a full-time living in music/art. Whether it's from my songs luckily placed in a T.V. show, writing some music for a video game, recording/producing/mastering other artists, touring, hired on as a guitarist, bassist, keyboardist...whatever it takes and wherever the energy takes me. I'm ready for the task...ready to roll the dice...