​Here are all my lyrics. You'll notice on the right side underneath the list of months is a list of my albums. Or use the search button. I am sorry things are abstract, but I kinda like it that way. *smile*

Light In The Doorway

Love and hate become the points, become the lines, become the circles of our times
Become our thought, become the blood rushing through our minds in the river of us
Supreme beings with morning breath feeding life, feeding death, and feeding light

Light in the doorway

A light in the doorway makes you not mind, makes you not fear
It becomes more than you can feel
Create the future you want to see
Skin smelling of grass...uneven white teeth... As it once was inside of me
Look inside yourself and open the door to sweet delight
Come see the light...Come see the light
Oceans are made to wipe away the memory
Where one ray of light shall fall
Change turns back on itself to be the same as it was, as it will be, as it is inside of me
Look inside yourself to open the door to your outer mind
Makes you not fear, it becomes more than you can feel
It makes you not fear...

Let my iris open wide to its own star
Mouth rubbing the edges until it catches fire
Become our thoughts, become our blood rushing through our minds to a river of us
Feeding light...
Now has no end
To Be, to become light
All sounds at once... All sounds at once...
Through the comes through the doorway.

Skyscrape Tongue Pendulum


A beautiful night to be born.
By the serpent that feeds on itself and reborn...and again reborn.
Like comets on fire in the Hesparian Sea
Skies of lies, a river running free
No history.

No rage from the dying light
A primordial love
Scattered silver sighs sleep
While hurling towards the sun
A skyscrape tongue pendulum.

Into a limitless sea of light
A limitless dream of life
A limitless sea of light.

Life and Death conceal their unity.

From nothing is where everything is born...

A magnetic power of shining sudden dreams
Shadows of leaves against the golden-green fields
Into the singing sun I call your name...
Into the singing sun I call your name...

Is born...

A Few Light Years Away

A few light years away we are the light shining down on other's faces
In hunting the light, I become the light
Blankets of night, fingers of stars, a fist full of eternal blue sky
I don't know where I am going from

Second sight, first light, to be as you were before
I lost her in my mind
The space between thoughts
Between shadow and soul, staring within
Staring within fire
The self-immolation of your smile

Destroy and forget
Birth and renew
All sounds at once and the light comes through
When we are born we forget we are but love is remembering
Love is remembering.

Unstoppable Object Immovable Force

Fall back...

Reality is the duct tape and impermanence is the getaway car
Death makes you feel alive and Life gets up and kick you in the ass anyway
The knowledge that you know is just a blink of what you don't know
The mind of the mind is lost down in the tongue of memory

Blankets of night...

No fear.

Radiant faces descend within to rise
Where all traces of unknown are lost in the night
A soundless word, it echoes and fades like a shadow
Drawing back the veil, light comes through

The light comes through...

Unstoppable Object
Immovable Force
We'll the warmth on the back of their necks
The glimmer in their source
Drawing back the veil

The light comes through...