​Here are all my lyrics. You'll notice on the right side underneath the list of months is a list of my albums. Or use the search button. I am sorry things are abstract, but I kinda like it that way. *smile*

Light In The Doorway

Love and hate become the points, become the lines, become the circles of our times
Become our thought, become the blood rushing through our minds in the river of us
Supreme beings with morning breath feeding life, feeding death, and feeding light

Light in the doorway

A light in the doorway makes you not mind, makes you not fear
It becomes more than you can feel
Create the future you want to see
Skin smelling of grass...uneven white teeth... As it once was inside of me
Look inside yourself and open the door to sweet delight
Come see the light...Come see the light
Oceans are made to wipe away the memory
Where one ray of light shall fall
Change turns back on itself to be the same as it was, as it will be, as it is inside of me
Look inside yourself to open the door to your outer mind
Makes you not fear, it becomes more than you can feel
It makes you not fear...

Let my iris open wide to its own star
Mouth rubbing the edges until it catches fire
Become our thoughts, become our blood rushing through our minds to a river of us
Feeding light...
Now has no end
To Be, to become light
All sounds at once... All sounds at once...
Through the comes through the doorway.