​Here are all my lyrics. You'll notice on the right side underneath the list of months is a list of my albums. Or use the search button. I am sorry things are abstract, but I kinda like it that way. *smile*

Skyscrape Tongue Pendulum


A beautiful night to be born.
By the serpent that feeds on itself and reborn...and again reborn.
Like comets on fire in the Hesparian Sea
Skies of lies, a river running free
No history.

No rage from the dying light
A primordial love
Scattered silver sighs sleep
While hurling towards the sun
A skyscrape tongue pendulum.

Into a limitless sea of light
A limitless dream of life
A limitless sea of light.

Life and Death conceal their unity.

From nothing is where everything is born...

A magnetic power of shining sudden dreams
Shadows of leaves against the golden-green fields
Into the singing sun I call your name...
Into the singing sun I call your name...

Is born...