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Oh the web we weave. Or rather the weaving the web makes. I'm constantly inundated with Viagra, Cialis, Acai, Getting my Bachelor's Degree, and Rolex watches in my inbox. My anti-spam catches most of this, thankfully. But it makes me wonder..."Is that what we want? A hard penis that lasts for hours, losing weight by Amazonian berries, a paper degree for a hope of a better job, and a really expensive watch that isn't really expensive? Is that our culture in an email-nut-shell?"

I sometimes wish I could not be found. To be left alone in obscurity. Sometimes. *laughing* I certainly don't want to be left alone if I write blogs, participate in Facebook, Twitter, (MySpace is Dead), and whatever other thing I can do to connect with people. But sometimes...mmmmm.

In this same internet can be found precious jewels of insanity or boxes of just plain Coo-Coo For Cocoa Puffs!

The wonderful crazies that I love and that make this world a better place. Captain Beefheart, Daniel Johnston, Brian Wilson, Wild Man Fischer and my new favorites Elton and Betty White come to mind. There are obvious many more and more who would argue about my short-top-of-my-head list. So be it. My point is that, if I really have one, is that "going it alone" in the dark edges of our minds is dangerous, and many have fallen of the the edge, but there can be a beauty and fire of a billion hearth fires, of a thousand holocausts that can shine on the rest for us and remind us how breath-taking our lives and this world is.

Long live the weirdos, crazies and delusionals. I'd much rather have them than the heartless, greedy, and selfish.