The Black Forest

Random blaghness...

Through the lens...

Ever see the movie camera effect of zooming in and at the same time the camera is pulling away? Hitchcock was famous for it in "Vertigo". Many other directors have used this camera slight of hand through the years. What happens is that the perspective changes with any apparent moving. Of course this is not what really happens, but the illusion of it. It is in this illusion I seemingly live my life. Moving without moving. Change without change. Perception.

Perception is everything and well...nothing. It is not tangible, but in it is the power to change the tangible reality. It is in this that is my reality. This is my power. With a wave of my hand I can change my world. A blink of my eye and what was there is now gone.

I think this is kinda what John Lennon meant by "Mind Games".

"So keep on playing those mind games forever..."