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Swing and a Miss! Or Vacuum Cleaners Unite! Or Ignore Him It Was The Cheerleaders

No....I'm not talking about a tree swing and Little Miss Muffet who sat on something eating curds. Nope. I'm talking about know...the opposite of hitting. Why all the accolades for hitting? I think there is some credit due to all the wild swings out there that people make every day. I say go out there and strike out! Swing away! Let loose all this conservative life stuff. may miss, probably miss a lot. Maybe even every single time. Better than to get hit by the ball and walk to first base. Sure in baseball that's fine, but in life, that's an awful way to get around...even painful. Don't be afraid to strike out! I'll be there standing up and cheering for you! I'll do a one person wave. I'll hit the beach ball down to you. I'll buy you a beer and some cracker-jacks.

You think Reggie Jackson ever struck out? Hell yea he did. All the great hitters have. All the great artists, philosophers, do-gooders, world-shakers, world-changers have struck out. They got those hits by swinging and being unafraid to miss. Missing is as important as hitting. Maybe more, because you can learn a lot from a failure, and almost learn nothing from a success. So go out there and dare to suck! I've been sucking for years and plan to continue sucking until I can't suck no more. Get your head out of the gutter! Granted I have a huge deficit in my moral fiber, but you know what I'm laying down, so pick it up and start swinging!

You hear that?'s not a large vortex making a large sucking's the universe cheering.

Hmmmm...I'm way too positive today. I think it was the baton twirling scene from "A Face In the Crowd" I saw got my juices flowing...