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I'm Not Talking Truth, But Crazy Truth!

I'm not talking about truth, but "crazy truth". There is a difference you know. The truth we all equate to is fact. 2 + 2 = 4. Crazy truth is 2 + 2 = 6. "Oh...I thought I saw that last number as a 4." Our perceived truth. It's not factual, but just as strong. More often than naught, we choose crazy truth over truth. Most of the time because we don't think there is a difference, and others because we know there is a difference but we like the crazy truth better.

In this sense we are creators of our when we dream. Ever read "The Circular Ruins" by Jorge Luis Borges? It's a short read, you should take a gander. He was heavily influenced by Miguel de know the author of "Don Quixote". Another proponent of the alternate reality of crazy truth. 

The question is...should the crazy truth be encouraged? Are we just fooling ourselves? And if we are, is it a bad thing? I like to claim myself as a realist most of the time, except in my flights-of-fancy-creative-whack-out-moments. I do this, because a lot of the time it is helpful. Though I must confess, being a 100% realist is too much of an observist point of view and not taking an active role in defining our lives, but simply pacifying. There is something to being a "leaf in the wind", accepting the lack of control we have in our lives, but to murk up the waters further, I believe we need to take an active role in our acceptance. That is to say, it is a team effort. We are holding hands with fate, free will, truth, and crazy truth. Did y'all need to take a break and smoke some of that awesome medical marijuana before continuing to read this blog? On a side note, blogs are so damn one-sided. I'm sure many of you would have some highly emotional discourse on this. I'm sure we could figure out the universe and how to save the world in a few hours if it was late enough and we all have our favorite libation and munchy food at our sides.

I prefer a really good whiskey or magically laced brownie/cookie items, along with some kind of protein/dairy/fat/caffeinated/chocolaty/sugar goodness and lain into some comfy contraption that points me towards the heavens. We'll continue this and meet up around 3 a.m. okay?