​Here are all my lyrics. You'll notice on the right side underneath the list of months is a list of my albums. Or use the search button. I am sorry things are abstract, but I kinda like it that way. *smile*



In the nightfall, it lies and waits...
Which is worse? Free Will or Fate?
Like a lover, your blood is not your own.
Don't love a ghost, the love of a ghost will leave you cold.

In the nightfall, the spirit knows what burns.
The ache and hunger drink the Sun and eats the Earth.
Milk and honey, the Land of Promised Love.
Just let the ax fall down, down onto the Live Oak.

Falling into upside-down mountains...
Wading in the blue lake of your heart...
Just make sure you give the world more than forgetting.

Give the world everything...
Give the world everything.