​Here are all my lyrics. You'll notice on the right side underneath the list of months is a list of my albums. Or use the search button. I am sorry things are abstract, but I kinda like it that way. *smile*

Deep In the Mystery

Blind me in my ghostly lust of the 
Flickering nova lighted dust 
Become my thoughts, become my blood 
Into the night, below and above 
You can only go to places that you let in 
Losing control is how we begin 
Finding solace deep in the mystery 

Deep in the mystery 
I beat you my heart in the silver sea 
Filling in the space, by filling the time 
Goes beyond our depth and beyond our minds 
I twist and turn through the memories 
That lie like kisses from the Siren Furies 
Is it too late, or is it too soon? 
A codex of the dead, of the rune 
Intangible fruits, that we descend 
Shattering the truths, and waking the dead 
Solace in the deep mystery 

Deep in the mystery