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So Much Space Between The Concrete, Presence Shouldn't Be A Battlefield...

It's time to pull back. My music has become an unwilling whore, walking the streets of streaming services looking for Johns in back-alley digital landscapes for long enough.

Let us name my music "Harold" for the purpose of this blahg.

Harold, never intended to sell himself. He likes who he is, not overly confident, but assured. Selling himself, he has found, is required to live other days, to grow, to get his own lap dances from others like himself, to have a lil' happiness laying in the grass. Some others have to sell more... some having to do worse things, some even having fun doing it. Harold has fun. He likes doing it very chance he can get.

Harold is still the same hopeful, dreamy, skip-in-his-step lad he always has been. Lately though, it has become rough out there on the streets. Everyone is out there hookin', even his Grandma can start hookin' for a $50 fee. All the pimps share the entire meat supply, making sure they all get their cut first. A cup of coffee is more valued than he is. People are willing to pay for $5 beverages they don't need and that will be pissing out on the street two hours later, but to pay for a little time with Harold, they would rather spit.

Hey, if Harold isn't your type, or you simply aren't horny for him, that's cool. He understands. He also understands he is worth something. Something more than .003 cents. In fact, he doesn't even want to be broken up in parts. When you get him, you get all of him, not just his mouth, hands, and other bits...the whole damn thing.

So from now on he is taking himself off the classified ads... Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, all of them. If you want Harold, you have to go to his place. He will do you right, treat you with the same respect you give him. He ain't bad in bed either...

He just would rather starve than feed on your spit.

For a good time :

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Post Script: Harold says thank you to all his know who you are!