The Black Forest

Random blaghness...

Wooly Life.



Reading my New York Times newspaper at my local caffeine dispensary, it was pointed out that a cute wooly caterpillar was taking a thousand little many steps towards me. I tried to take a video with my phone, but the video app wasn't working, (Fucking technology!) then even taking a photo seemed impossible. (Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!) Finally after restarting my phone I squeezed off one semi-focused shot. Then the little Wooly man got it into his head to walk across the threshold of the door to the shop. I got up, with my paper and gently moved him away from the door. Are you crazy Wooly?! You are gonna get squished!

So then he curled up in a ball, and I took him away from the door. Within a few minutes he was walking in front of the door again. (Fuck!) I winced as many people walking in and out just missed stepping on him. Amazed, I thought.... maybe Wooly isn't crazy. Maybe he knows what he is doing. I go back to reading my paper.

Minutes later, he is at it again, escaping death many times he decides to make his taunting journey across the threshold of the door for the third time. Behind the glass door I see an old woman with a cane making her way towards him. I am cringing...I see her taking many footsteps to go a few inches...and I hear it, the pop of her foot squishing Wooly underneath her tennis shoe. She continues on to the sidewalk, completely unaware or unconcerned heading towards the drug store for apothecary treats.


Wooly managed to dodge death until an oblivious, harmless old woman with a cane delivers the mighty Adidas blow sending him to the caterpillar calliope in the sky .

What does this mean?

Did Wooly want to die?
Was Wooly as oblivious as the old woman that killed him?
Innocent murder/suicide?
Was it my fault? Did I need to save him twice? Was even my place to do so?
Is I, Wooly, and the old woman accomplices in this death from above foot stomp?

I see Wooly's green guts slowly turning brown, his body is almost just a stain now.

I am sorry Wooly...maybe I will see you in the other side. We'll eat some leaves together and tell long tales.