The Black Forest

Random blaghness...

Broken Key Oracle...

Today I finished up the 5th album this year that I engineered/produced in my studio CHAOS Recorders. Not a day off since February 4th. I have been kinda getting cabin fever crazy, bear cave burly and downright dilapidated. So what do I do with myself with my day off? Pick up a guitar...start strumming, move to the piano and start plunking, then finally move to my Wurlitzer electric piano 220A and start pounding a song...I flip all three junction boxes for the studio...going to track this keyboard part right now and...SILIENCE.

What? Ummm...ohhhh...I broke my #25 key (A2 note) on my keyboard.

Yes. I got it Oracle Odin of Odes. STOP! REST! RECOUPERATE! REDEEM! RECHARGE!

So I bid adeiu until next time when the Fate Sisters poke me in the eye and tell me to get back to work on my own music...sometime hopefully next week. As of now, I am on manditory leave of absence of my mind.