The Black Forest

Random blaghness... al...

Winter comes. Work as an engineer/producer slows to a maple-syrupy drool. It is the time to create. Keep working. Keep on keeping on. 

I have no direction or intent at this early stage of my writing process. This song came out. The soundscape chose itself. I am not gonna tell my song what to do, I am just gonna let 'em do what they do.


I return. I hear the thrushes sing, they take me anywhere out of this world. There is more than one sun, take the wrapper off, it's better that way, it takes me anywhere out of this world.

To be or to become. Explainable, unattainable love.

Old enough to forget, but young enough to want to remember, anywhere out of this world. I'll begin and I'll begin to begin again, anywhere out of the world. Take me anywhere out of this world.

I don't know what this song means to me yet. I write, record, and mix fast enough to feel like a hit and run victim. I can't give you a description of the car that hit me, or why they did. Maybe a few digits of the license plate. All I know is I feel worked over and need a little time to heal to get hit again later. Maybe we'll become friends. Maybe I will never see this song again. That is why I have a fast trigger finger on my sound camera...