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Three Hours of Sleep and My Self Phone...

Running on three hours of sleep today. All for a cause...a show benefit for cancer, for a good man/friend lost John Kuhlken. Bands that he used to be in back in 1994. It was a wonderful reunion for many last night. My bass player from a cover band I was in back in the 80's was there...Francisco Ciriza. About every 10 years we see each other...and every 10 years we say let's get together soon. This time we mean it! *laughing* Also made new friendships...Joe, Julie, Amy, Tony....well I already knew Tony...but I wanted to include him anyway...ahhhh...the magic of music and alcoholic libations when put in a pressure cooker called a rock club.

I went with Steve Poltz...and it's always an adventure (no...I'm not telling...) with Steve and a late, late food grab to finish the evening. Mmmmm....2am diner food. Sliders and can't go wrong. can if it was at White Castle or the Southern version called Krystal..but this was the Studio Diner.

That was last night. Today...a bit of a price paid for 5 hour rock shows, Black Sheep English Ale, 2am sliders, hour drive home, another hour until sleep and three hours until the sun and heat wake you up from a slippery slumber.


Nothing will I do today.

Except play with my Self Phone.

Tweet. Facebook. Take stupid self portrait photos with my Self-Phone photo app. A wasted day. Thank God. I needed a wasted day and I have one. Unfortunately you have to read this trifling. Well...that's what you get! Are you still here?

That's what Ferris Bueller asked us at the end of the movie when all the credits were done.

"Are you still here? It's over. Go home. Go." 

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