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Rambling About Future Histories...

Our future history is now. No! Right then! And now! I say now to signify the time's past, it's ending. It's history. But what is history? Is it what we write down? Or is it as it really happened? Or does that even really matter?

In the truest sense, it is as it really happened, but until we can gaze unclouded by skewed perception and prejudices, we rely on what's written. A very scary proposition, especially in these days of unchecked facts and Wikipedia. Though I must say, I had extreme misgivings for Wikipedia and it's public entered information without the prerequisite of fact-checked data, and while I know there is a lot of misinformation, if you look at it statistically, the longer the Wikipedia pages are updated, the more true the information becomes. The extremes get slowly overwhelmed by the middle, and a better more honest representation is shown through. Granted extremes are a natural part of life and deserve their moment in the sun, but as in all things, extremes are a much smaller part of the whole.

The next question is, is the middle the truest path? No. In fact there is none. It seems that at the end of the day, all paths seem to lead to it. Of course, that is the inherent problem with linear thinking. It always gives way to circular movement....and give that a multidimensional framework and you're on to something else entirely. One that we can visualize, but cannot really express easily. We have put it to words. Religion, Philosophy, and Poetry. We have put it to equations. Math and Science. The best way to get a handle on it, is to FEEL it.

Have I lost you? What am I talking about? I am saying that we know all our answers inside ourselves. We just either don't want to pay attention to them because it might be painful, or we deny it's existence because it would shatter our core beliefs. We want to look to others, or outside of our world for answers that we already have inside us. Sometimes those answers are ugly....but in that ugliness, if we acknowledge it, we can overcome it and grow from it, into something greater than we have ever been.

Why is it that we want our "outlaw heroes" to escape capture and live, and our prophets/teachers to die? You can say "It's not me.", but we all have to take credit for the good and bad in this world. There are ugly answers to this question. Going against the grain/status quo is highly revered as long as you don't force people to deal with their ugliness. We don't want to truly improve our world. We are scared, lazy, selfish children. If we can acknowledge this, we are on the way of overcoming it. When I see all the fear, greed, and hatred some people have, I feel sorry for them. I cannot change their minds. You cannot change their minds. It must be found within themselves to be extinguished.

Our future histories depend on us to take a real hard look inside and bring all that ugliness out in the open, expose it. Us and the light will kill it. This world has always had the greatest expectations and abilities in it, we just have to let them out.

Speaking for one's self as only anyone can do, I know that I know very little of this world and out of it. I know I am scared. I can be selfish. I can be immature. I am weak. I am just smart enough to rationalize anything, making my thoughts dangerously illogical. I am a man, proud, humble, good, bad, intelligent, ignorant, strong and fragile...always on the verge of breaking...because someday I will break, and be set free.