The Black Forest

Random blaghness...

8-Track Mind...

My mind is like an 8-track today. Lots of things to do, many hats to wear. I'm a Truckee Brother getting our stuff together to begin new days and adventure in the land of Truckeedom. I'm Atom Orr sending my new EP Los Feliz to VH1 for some hopeful synchronization use in one of their shows. I'm Christopher Hoffee scanning my lawsuit brought on by my credit card company because I'm simply not earning enough money to pay them from the economy that they ruined. I'm Cady/Hoff to my mate Patrick/Peat doing some business and brotherly things...a little file transfer here, a trip to the coffee shop here, some website html/php/java here and an escape to the matinee movies for air-conditioning and a summer blockbuster...emphasis on the "bust".

I know that's only four, but I operate in stereophonic sound, so that makes 8 tracks!

My first 8 track I bought...hmmm...maybe Van Halen I, or Styx "Pieces of Eight". Yea... that's right, I'm not gonna lie and say I got Brian Eno's "Music For Airports" instead. Too many wanna-be cool people these days pitch-correcting their lives into some kinda perfect nightmare.

Now what to do....hmmm...well I won't be using Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies Cards that cost $50.00 to help me decide... I'm gonna flip a coin or maybe use my own imagination...yep...I see an air-conditioned dark place with a convenient cup holder by my hand in my very near future.

Sorry Brian...I'm not picking on you. You're cool...Really you are.