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Kwai Chang Caine killed himself today. Or at least the actor that played him did, David Carradine. Hunter S. Thompson did too. Many have. Suicide. I have friends who bandy this word around now and again. I am always filled with empathy when it's talked about. Empathy requires understanding. I understand. I just don't agree. I am in more agreement with Camus' thoughts on suicide, in his book "The Myth of Sisyphus". Paraphrasing..."the struggle is enough to fill a man's heart." Though, Camus would likely admonish me for the hope I always seem to have. Hope he says, brings nostalgia and nostalgia brings misery. Yes. It's true, but he ignores the fact that with EVERYTHING, there are two sides. Positive and negative. There is value in both. Having a sunny beautiful day everyday will lose it's luster. The dark rainy days are needed, so when the sun finally comes out, it has a brightness never before seen. For happiness we need sadness. Struggle and live!

Free Will and Fate
Hope and Acceptance

I freely choose my path, but in knowing my myself and my nature, it is pre-determined.

Wow...I saw way too much Kung Fu on television when I was a kid! Rest in peace David, Hunter, Sigmund, Ernest, Ian... Of course, I don't believe in death either, but I'll save that for another post later. *laughing*