The Black Forest

Random blaghness...

Getting Politically Corrected....and further more. umm..yesterday (It's late/early in the morning) I posted a blog about the "green avatar" Twitter phenom about the Iranian elections. I wrote about how they won't help the Iranian people and that they just are attempts to show others publicly that we care. Just like wearing a flag pin on our jackets. Is someone more American if they do? Or is that what the empty inference hopes to achieve in public perception? Anyway, I've deleted my earlier post, because it just wasn't written well. It was too emotional. Emotions are great except when trying to make logical points about a highly political subject. *laughing*

To better sum up what I tried to say earlier, I think that this country and this world needs people to care and do something about the injustices that happen millions times a day, just don't expect much change from a couple of clicks on photoshop to turn a JPEG green. We can and need to do a lot more than that.

Sweet dreams's nighty-night-beddy-bo-time for me.