September 1st, 2012 Galaxies With Long Yellow Curtains

Liam - Wake The Deaf

Atom Orr is the solo project of Christopher Hoffee and is a vehicle of his eclectic and lyrical indie pop/rock. He released his latest album, Galaxies With Long Yellow Curtains, back in July (although admittedly it’s only now I’m getting around to listening to it) and it’s a very enjoyable listen. The loose theme of the album is space (as in the final frontier, interplanetary space), with emphasis on the “loose” as the fundamental lyrical themes of love and relationships are still present. Still, this certainly provides a refreshing angle lyrics-wise and there are some nice strange passages, including one song which, according to Hoffee, was written using phrases used during the turn of the 19th century. It’s difficult to draw comparisons as the album is pretty eclectic but the kind of artists I was consistently reminded of during the album were Beck and John Grant, whether anyone else will be able to hear that comparison is another issue. Listen to the album in full over at the Atom Orr Soundcloud page.