May 2011 - This Was Tomorrow

Joe Daly- Entertainment Blog May 2011

San Diego's journeyman singer/songwriter says hello to the big time with ravishing acoustic postcards

 Christopher Hoffee, AKA Atom Orr, has made a name for himself as the go-to multi-instrumentalist for San Diego's rock and folk legends. When he's not burning London down with Dead Rock West or traipsing the USA with guys like Steve Poltz, he indulges his own considerable songwriting chops, crafting richly-layered ballads for his Atom Orr project. This Was Tomorrow is a lavish and imaginative collection of acoustic-based love songs that shine with disarmingly sincere lyrics and beguiling hooks. Hoffee's deep voice lends an intimacy that evokes Nick Cave at his most melancholic. Beautifully understated melodies serve his less-is-more approach, highlighting some gorgeous rainy day lyrics. "Just A Dream," "You Held Me" and "Hey Now" are the best of an impressive bunch.

For people who like: Harry Nilsson, Nick Cave, Bruce Cockburn, Tom Waits

Written by Joe Daly