The Black Forest

Random blaghness...

Inexhaustible Dark...

Inexhaustible dark
Undone by the sun
Drifting to awe, to all, to one
Inexhaustible dark
Beyond pursuit
We can't get beyond perception to the truth
Behind every fear is a wish
Behind every wish is a fear
Whatever you can see can see you
Take the words and leave what you give
Inexhaustible dark
Beyond pursuit
We can't get beyond perception to the truth...

Seeds of destruction empty into a river that sings
Never-fading Lady of shade and the emptiness she brings
Fire in the water
Slake the thirsty sea
Cleaving the waves of air that would not and cannot be
From the jaws of the savage beast you will be set free
Like a trampling horse snuffing out the stars that will not cede
Searing stars and gaping jaws of dreams wrought by the sky
Sky giants take root of the flesh and the flamed impetus of light...

Waiting like thunder, I wait for you
Feeling like rain, I fall
Carried on the wind we go by
Skipping across the water to the sand
Mouth to mouth and hand in hand
Mouth to mouth and hand in hand

Thoughts are just the surface of a river of us....


Smoke Through A Keyhole...

In the mystery
In the secret
In the tale
Entering your mouth and leaving
Traveling deep
Filling the space... Filling the space...
Receiving from the sky, love letters signed
Nothing forever lasts

Death is a sunny day


Stillness and quiet like smoke through a keyhole

Gone...consider yourself gone

Death is a sunny day, when everything you love falls away
Death is a woman's smile, erasing everything you'll ever know...and she knows...yes, she knows
Death is a blooming flower, that reminds you of what you've missed in your wasted hour
Death is losing control, letting go the reason, and the hold...and she knows...yes, she knows.