The Black Forest

Random blaghness...

Unstoppable Object Immovable Force....

This is the final piece for "Light In The Doorway"... It will probably be third in the order of the four pieces. Whew...I am tired. Time to go watch a good/bad B movie from the Seventies and fade out to dreams.

Unstoppable Object Immovable Force

Fall back...

Reality is the duct tape and impermanence is the getaway car
Death makes you feel alive and Life gets up and kick you in the ass anyway
The knowledge that you know is just a blink of what you don't know
The mind of the mind is lost down in the tongue of memory

Blankets of night...

No fear.

Radiant faces descend within to rise
Where all traces of unknown are lost in the night
A soundless word, it echoes and fades like a shadow
Drawing back the veil, light comes through

The light comes through...

Unstoppable Object
Immovable Force
We'll the warmth on the back of their necks
The glimmer in their source
Drawing back the veil

The light comes through...

A Few Light Years Away...

Another piece going towards the "Light In The Doorway" album. As always, Matt Lynott performing drums. I couldn't imagine anyone else to be a part of my albums.

A Few Light Years Away

A few light years away we are the light shining down on other's faces
In hunting the light, I become the light
Blankets of night, fingers of stars, a fist full of eternal blue sky
I don't know where I am going from

Second sight, first light, to be as you were before
I lost her in my mind
The space between thoughts
Between shadow and soul, staring within
Staring within fire
The self-immolation of your smile

Destroy and forget
Birth and renew
All sounds at once and the light comes through
When we are born we forget we are but love is remembering
Love is remembering.