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15 years ago... Acrophobia

Having just finished my next album release "Smoke Through A Keyhole", I was thinking about its release, and having some sort of pre-sale with something special to go along with the album. My first thought was a few extra songs. Well...hell. I don't really have extra songs. I build an album carefully, rarely do unused songs fall to the wayside. While I was scanning my near past, I came upon the distant past, 15 years past, and found a song unreleased. "Acrophobia".

Well...this sound-wise and thematically doesn't go with Smoke Through A Keyhole, but it shouldn't be on the Island of Lost Songs either, so it is here. Here for anyone to listen/download.


We can hold the line
Or we can let it go
Leaping in a single bound
Forty stories high

I'm coming in like a boomerang
Yea, I'm coming out of this death spin
Say goodbye to the screaming
Angelic voices

Calm yourself

Felling life impact is arching back and letting go

Hold on to nothing

Open your eyes to hitting bottom
Open yourself to the possibilities
Open up to the king-size certainty

Hold on to nothing

Calm yourself